The Benefits Of Nursing Shoes That Are Clogs

You may think of clogs as wooden shoes worn in China or by manual workers such as gardeners propet australia. Most people who do not work in nursing are unaware that nursing clogs is fast becoming the official footwear of nurses. It is so popular, even doctors and health professionals wear it.

What Are Clogs

Clogs, a certain type of footwear or shoes made in part of wood that is worn around the globe by many different cultures and people, are a particular shoe. Traditionally, heavy footwear is worn as protective gear by those who work in factories, mines or agriculture. Clogs are made from a variety of materials, but their shape is the same. They have undergone few changes over the years to accommodate people’s preferences or encourage them to wear them.

Why Nurses like Clogs

It is important to wear comfortable shoes for the nursing profession. Most of these nurses work 12 hour shifts, doing a lot standing, running, walking and attending to duties. Thus, clogs provide a comfortable footwear. As part of their working footwear, hospitals have adopted clogs. However, certain design restrictions are in place to comply with insurance requirements.

Clogs have many benefits

Wearing clogs as some male nurses do is not just comfortable, but also provides:

1.Non-slip footwear. Many nurses have to work on different surfaces, and some are very slippery. Nurses must be careful not to slip, as they are carrying with them dangerous tools, such as syringes or life-saving drugs, like intravenous blood transfusion and sutures.

2.Non-marking sole. Because clogs have a softer sole than other hard shoes, they do not leave any marks on surfaces. Shoe marks are a major cause of floor damage. The maintenance staff will be happy to see you wearing clogs because they leave no marks and make it easier to clean the floors.

3.Slip on and easy to use. No shoelaces are needed to be tied or untied. Clogs are easy to wear.

4.It’s very versatile. You can wear any style or color as long as you have a strapback and it meets the requirements for the hospital.

5.It is durable and lightweight. As it is easy to wear and lightweight, your feet will not be stressed or in discomfort. To work or run, you will need to exert extra energy in lifting your feet.

To determine the best style, color, and brand of nursing clogs for you, you need at least 2 pairs.

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